What is SmartGlamour?

SmartGlamour is an affordable, fashionable clothing line of customizable basics for folks size XXS-15X and beyond. Our clothing is made in NYC with love upon ordering – just for you. We are a women forward, body positive small business that aims to empower women, femmes, and non binary/gender queer folks through stylish, custom clothing. To learn more, head here.

How long will it take for me to receive my order?

All of our items are hand made to order in NYC and take approximately 21 business days to be competed. This time estimate may vary slightly depending on how busy we are with orders, any pop up shops we are hosting, or any collections we may be shooting. Please keep in mind this business is run (and all products are made) entirely by one woman. If you need your item by a specific date – please shoot us an email before ordering and we will do our best to accommodate you. If you need an item with a faster turnaround than 21 business days – a rush fee may be required. 

Upon completion, you will receive an automated email letting you know that the order is done and ready to ship! We ship USPS flat rate which takes 2-5 business days in the United States. International Orders ship USPS First Class International and take varying amounts of time depending on your country, customs, etc. If you have any questions – please email us at smartglamour@gmail.com or by using our Contact page. This does not auto generate a tracking number for you. If you want to upgrade your shipping to a faster speed, and receive tracking, please email us when you receive your auto completion email and we will send you a link for upgraded shipping depending on your location.

What do the different customization terms mean?
  • Hem Length – The length of the garment (shirt, dress, or skirt) from the top (shoulder or waistline) to the bottom (shirt edge, dress hem, or skirt hem.)
  • Sleeve Length – The length of the sleeve (shirt, dress, jumpsuit) from the shoulder to the sleeve opening.
  • Inseam Length – The length from your crotch to the edge of the pant or short leg opening.

If you want tips on how to measure lengths – watch our How to Measure – Lengths video on our How to Order page.

  • Rise – There is a front rise and back rise. When choosing this customization – please give both. The front rise is from the middle of your crotch, heading up your abdomen towards your belly button – and stops where you want the pant or short to end at your waist. The back rise is similar – but goes from your mid crotch, backwards – over your backside and again ends at the top of the pant or short where you want the waistline to hit. If this is confusing – please watch the How to Measure – Pants video on our How to Order page.
  • Waistband Height – This is the vertical measurement of the height of the waistband on a pant, short, or skirt.
  • Custom Garment Size – This means a full customization. You can give me any length, height, or rise measurement from the customizations above in addition to your bust, waist, and hip measurements to ensure the garment fits you perfectly.
  • Bust to Waist Ratio – This refers to the proportion between your bust and your waist. Sometimes if you are very busty, or not so busty – or you carry your weight in your midsection, it can be difficult to find a top or dress that fits both sections perfectly. Customize this by giving us your bust measurement and waist measurement – problem solved!
  • Waist to Hip Ratio – Similarly to the above, this customization deals with the proportion from your waist to hip. If you are a super hourglass shape – or conversely, carry your weight in your midsection and have a smaller hip – use this customization to achieve the perfect fit!
  • Custom Bust Height – Are you above a DD cup and want to make sure a dress or top fits properly? Give us the length measurement from where your bra strap connects to the cup, straight over your bust, down to your band. We will customize the height of the bustline so you are fully covered.
How do I know what size I am?

Please view our sizing chart on our How to Order page. You can compare your measurements to our sizes.

How do I know what my measurements are?

We, at SmartGlamour, believe that it is incredibly important – and empowering – for folks to learn their measurements. It is very easy to measure your bust, waist, hip and you can find instructions for measuring yourself with our How to Measure Yourself Tutorial on our How to Order page. If you need assistance for any reason – we have three videos showing how to measure someone else (or have someone measure you), you can find the basics in our How to Measure – Basics video on our How to Order page. Getting length measurements and pant measurements are a little more difficult to do on your own – but with a friends help and some simple instruction it is not only doable, but invaluable. For tips on how to measure lengths and pant measurements – watch our How to Measure – Lengths and How to Measure – Pants videos on our How to Order page.

Do I have to customize my garment?

Absolutely not. If you’d like – you can simply choose a set, standard size from our drop down menus.

Can I give a general sleeve type instead of an exact measurement?

Yes – but that will not guarantee an exact length when the garment is on your body. You may tell us “maxi, above the knee, midi, tea length, etc” for lengths – but all humans are different heights, wear different shoes, and also have different proportions to their bodies. If you want an exact length – the cost is the same – it is best to give us a specific measurement from either your waist or shoulder.

Can I give a general skirt/dress/top length instead of an exact measurement?

Yes – but that will not guarantee an exact length when the garment is on your body. You may tell us “maxi, above the knee, midi, tea length, etc” for lengths – but all humans are different heights, wear different shoes, and also have different proportions to their bodies. If you want an exact length – the cost is the same – it is best to give us a specific measurement from either your waist or shoulder.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We do. Just simply choose international shipping at checkout.

Is your jewelry also customizable?

Yes! It is. You get to choose both the faux metal color and the gemstone color of every jewelry piece. If you are concerned about the fit of our handchains – please send along your ring size and wrist measurement when ordering and we will alter the size accordingly – free of charge.

How do I become a SmartGlamour model?

We have two open castings per year – in Spring and Fall. These castings are for our Spring and Fall look book shoots and runway shows. We post them all over our social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Newsletter – and typically go up late August and late January each year. Due to high interest in working with us, we do not hold any future applicant’s info – the best way to work with us is to look for those posts and apply when you see them! Learn more here.

Do your gift cards expire?

Yes – but you’ve got some time! (Effective 5/2018 and onward) Our Gift Cards expire one year after their original creation date (meaning the date received by the purchaser.)

I noticed pre-orders on your social media, but they aren’t on your website? What is a pre-order, how does it work?

As a one woman run, self funded, small business – we do not always have the time or resources to professionally shoot and include every wonderful fabric we find in every collection. If we stumble upon an amazing fabric that we know our customers will love – we start a pre order via social media. This will usually included sketches of different styles the fabric can come in – but may also include a photo of one pre made item to demonstrate the garment. You order via social media – commenting below and chatting with our designer about style + size. You’ll then be provided with a direct link to purchase! We strive for pre order sales to have the same amount of production time as regular sales through the site – 21 business days, but they may occasionally take a bit longer, depending on our production order queue. However – you will not receive the automated emails that the website sends. If you have any questions about the progress of a pre order sale – please email us! At smartglamour@gmail.com

What is your return policy?

We are a start-up, self funded company – consisting of just one woman (with occasional help from volunteers) – so unfortunately, we can only offer exchanges at this time. Please double check your measurements against our Size Chart before ordering. Our clothing is handmade – so if you receive an item with incorrect fit, please get in touch within 10 days of receiving your package. We will then ask you for your measurements to double check against our Size Chart. If you have ordered the wrong size based off of your measurements – we may need to charge a small production fee to re-make your correct sized item, depending on if we are able to re-sell your piece(s). If you are unsure on how to measure yourself – please watch our tutorial! If you have any questions regarding fit, fabrication, stretch, and sizing – email us at smartglamour@gmail.com, message us on Facebook, Tweet to us, or comment to us on Instagram! We always reply ASAP and are more than happy to help!

Additionally – our Amelia Bomber Jackets, Amelia Totes, and Amelia Clutches are not exchangeable. Because of the hand sewn, custom letters on the back – and all of the color options, it is not possible for us to re-sell your item – even in a Sample Sale. So please make sure you double check the size chart when ordering, and choose the proper jacket and verbiage colors. If you customize an Amelia Tee with a specific word outside of our verbiage selection, it also can not be exchanged. And if you customize our Cecile Bangles or Rings with your name or a word that is uncommon – we will not be able to exchange these items.

If you have ordered a fully customized garment – it is not returnable. However – we aim to make the clothing perfect for you! Fit is so important to us. If there is an issue with your garment – please contact us! We will do whatever we can to fix it, free of charge, as soon as possible.

Sample Sale items and SmartGlamour Surprises are not exchangeable. Our Loungewear + Intimates collection is also not exchangeable – however, if you have a fit issue – please contact us so we can resolve it for you! There may be a restocking or customization fee necessary in order to do so.

*Masks* Mask orders are not returnable. If you ordered under 10, and the sizes were not correct (meaning you ordered a medium but actually need a small, etc) you may exchange for the correct size, and I will wash and donate the masks you’ve sent back. Orders over 10 masks can not be exchanged. Also – if you have asked me to find a custom fabric, that I am not offering, and I purchase this fabric to make your masks – those masks can not be exchanged or returned. If you are unsure of sizing, please ask before ordering – I am happy to assist and make suggestions. Masks are not listed on the website – their order information can be found here.

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