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SmartGlamour is a customizable, inclusive, ethical clothing line for folks of all shapes and sizes. But SG is also more than that. It’s a community, an educational hub, a tool, and a place for conversation. Fashion For All – The SmartGlamour Podcast is a continuation of the conversations we have through the SmartGlamour community. Most episodes – you’ll find us chatting about fashion, accessibility, inclusivity, ethics, and how all of those things intersect.

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Models: Bear Spiegel – Sick Of Stories About Mediocre White Men Fashion For All – The SmartGlamour Podcast

In today's episode of Fashion For All – The SmartGlamour Podcast – I chat with SmartGlamour model Bear Spiegel. This is one of our longer episodes – but we just had so much great stuff to chat about, so I hope you enjoy. I also want to note a content warning – that we do lightly mention eating disorders in this episode, but not in any great detail. We touch on Bear's history of performance, how and why they use makeup, inequities in the acting industry, and inaccessibility in the eco friendly space. I'll let Bear introduce themselves properly – enjoy our conversation!Follow Bear online at @beartheprincetofdarkness and @badnewsbear – on Instagram, and /badnewsbear on Facebook.Don't forget to like, share, subscribe! And of course visit www.smartglamour.com—Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/smartglamour/message
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