SmartGlamour’s main ethos is that every body deserves equal access to fashion – and that includes one of a kind items for special events. Over the past few years, we have been lucky enough to take some time out from standard SG production to make custom gowns for folks – and we are now going to be placing more of a focus on this service. Recently, we dressed writer, activist, and editor Ashlee Marie Preston for the Pose FX Gala – and we dressed plus model, writer, and influencer Jonna Capone for the finale event of Full Figured Fashion Week. Check out what we made for them, and other happy customers, below!

Interested in your own custom SmartGlamour gown (or outfit) or a special occasion? Reach out! Let’s chat about the event, any inspirations you may have, and get the ball rolling. If you are in the NYC area, we can schedule an in person consultation. We are happy to create sketches for you, and also a draft of the gown if you so desire! Prices will vary according the style, fabrication, turn around time, and consultations.

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