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SmartGlamour is an affordable, inclusive, and customizable ethical clothing line for people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages, identities, and styles. We make plus size clothing, straight size clothing, petite clothing, tall clothing, and everything in between and beyond. Every design is available in XXS to 15X and beyond. Every item can be customized to fit any and every body. And everything is made in NYC with love – just for you.

SmartGlamour is a what and a how. I don’t just want you to buy my clothes. I want you to buy the clothes that you want – that you need – that you go into your closet to look for but don’t exist. I want you to create the pieces you need for your life, style, and body that will empower you to feel more confident and use that feeling to take steps in the journey to love your body.

SmartGlamour has three main very broad goals: to empower our customers through clothing and help them on a road to body acceptance, to make good quality clothing that is sold at affordable prices, and to cut away at the hatred that stems from insecurity and the belief that beauty and brains can not go hand in hand.

You can feel confident that the money you’re spending is making a difference and going to the right business with our ethical production and pricing.  

Our standard of ethics goes beyond the production and pricing of clothing, to the models that we feature.  Unlike other ethical fashion brands, our models also represent our customers and we accurately represent and value their bodies in all shapes and sizes.

The next time you need a basic fashion staple, you have a bad shopping experience because of your size, you feel shamed by other people or by society, or you have a difficult time finding pieces that fit correctly without alterations – shop here instead. Read what we write, follow us on social media and read the items we share. Change your thinking. Don’t let your insecurities create negativity between you and others. And don’t let other people tell you your insecurities are not valid. 

Join the SmartGlamour community where everyone is welcome! Let us empower you through fashion and help you celebrate your natural beauty inside and out. Our doors are always open and we can’t wait to cheer you on.

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