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Aside from being a fashion designer, I also have an Art Education degree from Pratt Institute. And I firmly believe that for the fashion industry to radically change – it must start with education!

In addition to running SmartGlamour, I teach a fashion business course at Parsons, The New School. I also teach a Creative Careers Seminar and a Sewing To Transform Fashion Summer course at FIT (my alma mater for design.) 

During Covid, I began offering virtual private classes! I teach sewing, fashion illustration, and fashion business – all through an inclusive lens. For those private virtual classes, learn more below + sign up!

I have now also taken my fashion business course – and created four separate stand alone classes that you can purchase and watch. They are not live – they are recorded video, but a great way to learn a *ton* of information for a low price, in an accessible way. They are sliding scale – $10-25 per class. Simply purchase and a link to watch will be emailed to you.

Learn fashion illustration from home! I teach virtually, over Zoom, to small private classes of at least 3 folks at a time. All classes are sliding scale – $10-25 a class – to ensure they are as accessible as possible. 

I do teach the 9-head proportion, but we also have a discussion first class on why this is used, is it necessary, and there is zero policing of the size of your croquis. If the students decide to continue on for weeks of class, we sketch from live models as well – and in SG fashion, they are of varying sizes, both straight size and plus size. 

If you are interested – reach out! – as soon as there are 3 folks or more, I will begin scheduling a section.

Learn to sew virtually from home! Whether you just want to learn to alter and mend your clothing – or you’d like to begin learning how to make clothing – these sewing classes are for you. 101 begins with hand sewing only, while I do demonstrate basic machine skills as well. 102 and onward – are machine based classes.

Future classes I am happy to teach if there is interest include: drafting a pattern based on existing clothing items, altering existing patterns, draping techniques, and more!

Classes again are $10-25 sliding scale and I need a minimum of 3 students to run a class. If you are interested or have any questions – reach out!

Last but not least – I also teach a 10 week course which is an online fashion business course with an inclusive lens. We take virtual field trips, discuss how the global fashion industry actually works, go over various fashion careers, and talk about how the industry could improve from sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity lenses. This course is sliding scale as well – and meets weekly. Reach out with interest or questions.

I need a minimum of 3 students to hold this course – and unlike the above classes, all 10 weeks are paid for up front – similar to a college course outline. You don’t need to be an aspiring fashion industry professional to enjoy this class.

From a recent student: “I took this course to become a more informed consumer of fashion, in a welcoming and safe environment. It was incredible to learn so much about how clothing is made at every level, and gain a clearer understanding of the structures at play in the industry.”

Looking for someone to give a talk or seminar to your school or company (virtually currently, or in person post Covid) – please reach out as well! I am qualified and experienced in teaching and lecturing on all topics pertaining to: fashion design, inclusion, accessibility, and sustainability in fashion, and self funded small business.

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