"You changed my life! I wanted to tell you that you've given me so much confidence in how I look! I've gone through medical treatments that have made me gain a ton of weight over the last couple years, and ifs been really hard for me to find clothing I can afford that isn't a glorified black tent. You've given me options that make me proud of how I look, especially when dressing up for events. Your social media feed has helped me see the beauty in all bodies, which helps me see the things I can love in myself."​
"SmartGlamour has done more than Just fill my closet with amazing clothing…Mallorie Dunn and her clothing line have changed my life. SmartGlamour constantly makes me feel like a beautiful, worthy human being. The amount of confidence and love that has come from my experience as an SG shopper and model is overwhelmingly positive. The fact that there's no harsh, unlawful labor behind my SG clothes and that literally EVERY size is available in all outfits is part of what keeps me coming back. And of course, the main reason I'm a shopper for life, there is the perfect amount of love put in to each article of clothing by SG. I've truly loved my body like never before, thanks to SmartGlamour."
"Over the last year I fell in LOVE with SmartGlamour not only because of everything she stands for but because of how she made me feel. Post baby #2 and not feeling to great in anything, I ordered my first outfit and was hooked. Her clothes come oozing the positivity and love she puts into them. In my eyes they are truly magical] recently went to a store to buy a dress off the rack and quickly realized I LOVE ordering from SmartGlamour and knowing that not only will it fit MY BODY but the way I feel in it is amazing. And that is because with every amazing piece of clothing you get a little piece of Mallorie Dunn telling you how amazing you look! Dress you, be you, and feel amazing - and that is it."
"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I received my first dress from you guys and I just love it. I am so excited to wear it for my birthday [in Vegas, baby]! I so appreciate a company that is so inclusive. It really makes me feel like I am not only allowed to wear ALL clothes, but I have the RIGHT to! So, just thank you. So much."
"Love everything I have from SG! Beautiful, interesting, easy to wear, quality. There's so much attention in the design, customization. And on what really works and looks great for me. Every piece is special and fits just right, and I feel that much more confident and excited! Eagerly awaiting my next order!"

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