Why buy Ethical Clothing? 

Not only can you feel great about the way you look you can feel good about the business you’re supporting and know that your dollars are making a positive impact.

We believe in completely ethical, sustainable, and transparent production and pricing. While 97% of the clothing purchased in the US is manufactured overseas and in sweatshops (factories that fail 2 or more labor laws) you don’t have to worry about any of that here! All of SmartGlamour’s items are handmade from start to finish in Brooklyn, NY. Almost all of the fabric is purchased from small businesses within the city as well. To keep costs down and items as machine-friendly as possible, we use fabrics that are mostly cotton-based with spandex for comfort. 

What is slow fashion?  Slow fashion is the ultimate respect of customers, workers in the fashion industry, and the environment. In our world, less is more.  We only produce collections seasonally and yearly, rather than weekly, and promote quality well made clothing that you’ll want to keep and can wear for years to come, rather than throw out the next season. To learn more and watch one of our items get made – view the videos below!

Clothing corporations produce in sweatshops to get the cost down as low as possible – it’s been stated that to double the salary of a sweatshop worker – our prices would only increase by 1.8% – and although consumers report they’d pay 15% more to know their items were made fairly, corporations won’t listen. At SmartGlamour labor cost is fair, and we are supporting the local businesses around us. We have no retail store middle man – so our items are not marked up twice, saving you money. We also only mark up about half of what most designers and boutiques do (typically between 500-600%, some as high as 800%.) See our chart below!



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