SmartGlamour Woman of the Week – Feature Story – Rachel Estapa

Actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy recently spoke about her past struggle finding gowns for Hollywood award events because designers did not want to make a dress for her size. She is a beautiful and voluptuous woman, though somehow her size was not deemed red carpet ready.   Melissa McCarthy’s experience is not uncommon amongst non-celebrities aka everyday, strong women—especially when it comes to planning weddings, our own version of a red carpet event. For one example, brides can experience pressures to lose weight before their big day so they look a certain way for the photographs.   When Rachel Estapa,…

SmartGlamour Woman of the Week – Feature Story – Gabriela Rivera-Morales

  When I first read Gabriela Rivera-Morales’ Huffington Post article “Heavy Makeup, Fishnets, and Short Shorts Don’t Make Me Less of a Feminist” a little over a week ago – I knew I needed to get in touch with her as soon as possible. SmartGlamour firmly believes in using fashion as a vehicle for feminism among body positivity, wellness, and other women forward movements – and clearly Gabriela agrees. Allie and I met up with her soon after to ask her some questions and talk all things feminist and fashion. Check out what went down below.     Amidst the…

May’s SmartGlamour Women Recap

Check out the ladies of May below! Follow us on Instagram – @smartglamour – for May’s SmartGlamour Women, posted every Sunday! Since our Summer Look Book Shoot was shot on a Sunday – I had to make all of my models the honorary SmartGlamour Women of that week! Stay tuned for our next SG Woman this Sunday.

SmartGlamour Fashion featured in GirlTalkHQ!

“Buying a “woman forward” item of clothing goes a long way to showing the wearer that their body is important, and that they aren’t just a numbered consumer in a sea of millions. That each item was tailor made especially for them to look, feel and act beautiful. After all, isn’t that what fashion should be doing?” Click the photo below to read the full article!

Our Most Recent SmartGlamour Promo Shoot

If you are following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – then you most likely saw our installments of the newest SmartGlamour Promo Shoot! But we wanted to publish them all here for easy viewing! The message of this photo shoot was the demonstrate the versatility and wear-ability of our clothing – while also spreading a message of diversity and positive body image. The women pictured (and the clothing) have not been retouched in any way. They are all wearing the Annalise Swing Tank and the Allison Pencil Skirt and were asked to style themselves in their own unique way….

Help Choose our Summer Colors!

Help us choose our new Summer fabrics by taking this quick poll. Choose your favorite! What do you want to see? What new fabric colors would you like to see added to our SmartGlamour collection for summer?PurplePinkCoralTealGreenWhiteOff WhiteYellowLight BlueMore PrintsPoll Maker

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