Exciting News! SmartGlamour to Open 3 month Pop Up Shop in NYC

We’re pleased to announce the SmartGlamour Pop Up Shop – a boutique that’s the first of its kind in NYC!  At our shop, women of every size, shape, height, weight and age will be able to shop in the same space, for the same designs, for the same price.  Every piece is also customizable at an affordable price, for a truly unique look made just for you! Our pop up shop will open on Friday, March 6th, and will close Saturday, May 30th.  We will be located at 436 E 9th Street, between 1st Avenue and Ave A, in one…

Help SmartGlamour Continue to Grow!

Hello followers, friends, and family! As we are approaching our 6 month mark – we are preparing for the fall season and also an event during New York Fashion Week. But we can use your help. Please check out our GoFundMe – http://www.gofundme.com/bz7jyo – campaign which lists all of the items the proceeds will go towards: from fabric, to the next size up dress form, equipment, etc. Every dollar helps. And you can grab some cool rewards for donating! If you can not donate – please simply share our campaign with others so that we can continue to educate women…

SmartGlamour Woman of the Week – Feature Story – Gabriela Rivera-Morales

  When I first read Gabriela Rivera-Morales’ Huffington Post article “Heavy Makeup, Fishnets, and Short Shorts Don’t Make Me Less of a Feminist” a little over a week ago – I knew I needed to get in touch with her as soon as possible. SmartGlamour firmly believes in using fashion as a vehicle for feminism among body positivity, wellness, and other women forward movements – and clearly Gabriela agrees. Allie and I met up with her soon after to ask her some questions and talk all things feminist and fashion. Check out what went down below.     Amidst the…

SmartGlamour Fashion featured in GirlTalkHQ!

“Buying a “woman forward” item of clothing goes a long way to showing the wearer that their body is important, and that they aren’t just a numbered consumer in a sea of millions. That each item was tailor made especially for them to look, feel and act beautiful. After all, isn’t that what fashion should be doing?” Click the photo below to read the full article!

April’s SmartGlamour Women Recap

As promised – we have started and kept up with our a SmartGlamour Women Project. Each week I find an interesting and inspiring woman out and about in NYC and ask her to be photographed for our blog! This shines a light on the wonderful women of New York City that might otherwise be overlooked. Check out the ladies of April below! Only 3 weeks worth since it was just our beginning! Follow us on Instagram – @smartglamour – for May’s SmartGlamour Women, posted every Sunday!

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