#MiracleMomBods We live in a society where women’s bodies are obsessed over, objectified, scrutinized. Our bodies are held to an un-achievable (sans 5% of us) standard which forgets the fact that bodies change, grow, and age. We live in a society where #DadBod became an overnight sensation – celebrating men for depicting the average, everyday version of themselves – when that is the last thing we would accept women to be. Where is the celebration for Mom Bods? The bodies that actually have reason to grow and change – as they grew a life inside of them and then gave…

SmartGlamour covered in Medical Daily!

We are honored to have been interviewed by Samantha Olson for the Medical Daily. And then to have our Alma Mater, Pratt Institute, tweet about us and include the link this morning! Click the photo below to be directed to the story.

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