June’s SmartGlamour Women Recap

June was an amazing month for our SmartGlamour Women! If you missed any – check them out below! Including the feature stories attached to a few of them.   Click the photo below for our feature story on Gabi! Click the photo below for our feature story on Rachel! Do you know a woman who deserves to be a SmartGlamour woman of the week? Shoot us an email at smartglamour@gmail.com!

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SmartGlamour is the combination of beauty and brains birthed into a clothing line. I believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between fashion, beauty, and style vs. success, intelligence, and talent. I want to break down all of the barriers and reverse the negative stigmas attached with taking care of yourself and putting your best foot forward. I also want to help women feel better about themselves and their bodies. Instead of feeding on women’s insecurities – SmartGlamour nurtures and empowers their confidence and helps women use that confidence to put good back out into the world. Clothes are fun!…

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