Shop our affordable activewear. Thoughtfully designed and ethically made in NYC.  Totally customizable to fit your body type, no matter your shape or size. These are pieces that are made to fit you and provide the comfort and support you need while being active.

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We want to celebrate your body with our activewear. No matter the activity you choose you can find tops and bottoms that’ll provide support and comfort. All pieces are entirely customizable so you don’t need to worry about the fit or size not working, or only having a limited selection to choose from. We offer extended sizes, so there are no more returns or disappointments. We make pieces that fit and celebrate your individual body. We are gender-inclusive and believe every body is truly unique and beautiful. All pieces are hand made in NYC and materials are sourced from small NYC based businesses. We adhere to slow fashion philosophy, so you’ll not only feel great about the way you look in our pieces but you’ll feel good about the businesses you’re supporting.

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