Rayon Challis is a lightweight, semi synthetic woven fabric. Rayon is a man-made fiber but is comprised of natural fibers. Rayon challis is the perfect fabric for warm weather clothing.

At SmartGlamour, we like to use rayon challis in place of something like lightweight linen. Linen can be harder to wear as it wrinkles much easier, and to get a soft lovely quality – it can get pricey. Rayon challis has the lightweight breathability of linen and cotton – but the incredibly soft hand feel and drape that rayon can bring.

Rayon challis does not stretch – but we don’t use it for any garments where it would need to. It shines is flowy, loose fit, gathered garments – and that’s where you’ll find it!

You can absolutely machine wash rayon challis – you may want to hang dry or be careful with your drying temperature to avoid shrinkage.

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  • The Ketanji Pleated Pull-On Skirt

  • The Lia Loose Fit Crop Top

  • The Susan Palazzo Pant

  • The Norma Circle Crop Top

  • The Giuliana Babydoll Dress

  • The Annette Tap Short


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