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SmartGlamour is a brand that was created to solve fashion fit problems (while simultaneously helping to heal relationships with our bodies) – through a full size range and tons of customizations, our main goal is to make fashion accessible to everyone! Throughout our design process, we do tons of research, and really pay attention to what shoppers are looking for – wishing they could find in the perfect size, fit, price point etc – and we’ve been listening! Scroll below to find out which of your shopping wishes have been granted. The perfect Wrap Dress Look no further than the…


We all have issues when it comes to clothing our bodies. Whether it’s finding pants long enough, tops with enough or not too much room in the bust, or just finding something to fit a body shape that is between sizes – almost everyone struggles when it comes to getting the right fit. We’ve talked a bit before about how arbitrary sizes are and how size charts are created – but it truly is important to remember – that even if we forced every clothing company in the world (which would be impossible) to carry the exact same sizes and…

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