We all have issues when it comes to clothing our bodies. Whether it’s finding pants long enough, tops with enough or not too much room in the bust, or just finding something to fit a body shape that is between sizes – almost everyone struggles when it comes to getting the right fit.

We’ve talked a bit before about how arbitrary sizes are and how size charts are created – but it truly is important to remember – that even if we forced every clothing company in the world (which would be impossible) to carry the exact same sizes and size range, with those sizes corresponding to set measurement ranges (again – read: impossible) – it still wouldn’t solve the problem, because every company has a different “fit.” And more so – every body is built differently from the next. And that’s ok!

We are not made up of three simple measurements alone – bust, waist, hip – we are also our height, our bust size, our bicep, our inseam, our rise, our torso length, our calf muscles, our bellies, and our backs. And some or more of those features – might mean it’s difficult for us to just be one set size (especially in a specific garment with a specific amount – or no amount – of stretch.)

In the grand scheme of things – this is a “new” problem. 100 years ago – it wasn’t fancy or uncommon to have your clothing made just for you. But today – in a world of fast fashion, mass markets, and skirts for $5.99 made halfway across the world – the idea of custom made clothing sounds extravagant. It sounds like something that maybe you’d do for a wedding, special occasion, or one time splurge.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Stylists and fashion gurus alike will tell you – altering your clothes is a secret weapon. Buy items based off our your largest measurement (bust, waist, hip) and then have it taken in. But! What if you could skip that part – by getting your item custom made from the start? This means no more struggling to keep your bra covered, knotting clothing to shorten it, safety pinning, cutting, pushing, pulling, constant adjusting. No more simply accepting what you think is the best you can find – with a shrug.

Your body is enough – you are enough – just the way you are. And it’s time to stop trying to change your body to fit it into clothes. It’s time to make the clothes fit your body. #FitForEveryBody

Still don’t believe me? Here is some proof:

PS – All of these garments were made off of measurements alone – not a single woman shown here had a fitting beforehand. And there is not a single pin, or ounce of photoshop being used to perfect the fit of these items. They just already fit.


Kristen has issues finding pants that fit – she’s quite tall, and a lot of her height is in her legs. She also has a long torso – meaning even “high waist” pants from a store will not be high rise on her. Constantly searching for “long” inseams – her pants are always too short. Sometimes you just want a full length pant! Problems solved. She is wearing our Jackie Skinny Pant – in both photos – both based off of her basic measurements – waist and hip – but as you can see, the right is a perfect fit. With a custom rise + custom inseam, her pants are both long enough and sitting where she’d like them to at her waist.

Cost: Jackie Skinny Pant – ethically hand made in NYC – $50. Custom Rise – $10, Custom Inseam – $5, Total – $65.


Jezra faces a very common issue among women – having a large bust-line. Even though Jezra’s bust, waist, and hip measurements perfectly align with one standard size – the cup size of her chest is large enough that they are often spilling out. This may mean avoiding certain kinds of shirts, or dresses – because they just aren’t “doable” – it may mean buying everything with 4-way stretch so you can pull it over with a hope and a prayer it’ll cover you. Or – you can customize your shirt. (Jezra is also wearing our Charlotte Circle Skirt, set size, in a new abstract floral print!)

Cost – Helen Faux Wrap Crop Top, ethically hand made in NYC – $35, Custom Garment Size – $20, Total – $55


Let’s swap to someone with the opposite problem from Jezra’s – Lisette. Lisette is very petite, both in stature and in size. She doesn’t have a ton of curves – so often anything form fitting is baggy at the bust and the hip. Real world fix, again – involves a ton of spandex and stretch! Buying the size for your hip or bust, instead of your waist – and hoping it’ll fit everywhere else. Lisette very often has a difficult to near impossible time finding items that are strapless – as they just won’t stay up on her bust. Solution? Customization. (Lisette is also wearing a custom fit Allison Pencil Skirt in black.)

Cost – Betty Strapless Top, ethically hand made in NYC – $35, Custom Garment Size – $20, Total – $55


Heading on to another very common fit problem for tons of women – the extreme hourglass. Dana’s hip to waist ratio is much greater than a standard size. Meaning – her waistline leaves her at one size, but her hip line is a much higher size. Everyday quick fix? You guessed it! Spandex and stretch! Buying a stretchy spandex item that is either your waist size, or somewhere in between – and hoping it’ll stretch enough to go over your hip area, without pulling, bunching, riding up, or distorting any print/design that may be on it. Good luck! How about a pair of zero stretch high waisted chiffon pants?! Seems impossible, no? Nope! (Dana is also wearing a set size Rosie Criss Cross Halter in a new geo print.)

Cost – Mae Chiffon Palazzo Pant, ethically handmade in NYC – $60, Custom Garment Size – $20, Total – $80


Another #TallGirlProblem – Jenna is very tall, but specifically with extra long limbs – legs and arms. She has a super difficult time finding long sleeves that are actually long or above the knee length skirts – because they’ll always look like minis. Quick fix solution? Constantly rolling up sleeves so the short length looks intentional – and buying skirts that are made to be below to the knee – hoping that the silhouette and shape won’t be completely off (spoiler – it will.) Fully customized outfit alert!

Cost – Rose Off the Shoulder Top ethically handmade in NYC – $40, Custom Sleeve Length – $5, Betsey Mini Skirt ethically handmade in NYC – $25, Custom Hem Length – $5, Total (Full Custom Outfit) – $75


And last but not least (of this post, not of fit issues – those are almost endless, person to person!) is being between sizes. This is a lot more common than people realize – and often the first thing to make us think “something is wrong with my body!” Meredith, like tons of human beings, carries her weight in her midsection – but she’s also petite with a standard bust size. This means – if she purchases a fitted item that will fit her waist line – it will completely drown her bust line while giving her wings at her hip. Quick fix? More spandex! And/or – avoiding anything fitted all together.

Cost – New Item! Noelle Sweetheart Dress ethically handmade in NYC – $65, Custom Garment Size – $20, Total $85

Full disclosure – Meredith is our designer’s sister – and has been having SmartGlamour pieces custom made for her since day 1 – her closet is full of them. But not because they’re sisters – because the clothing fits. This photoshoot was the first time Meredith has put on a non custom SG piece in over 2 years. Needless to say – she was not enthused (that pout is genuine) – but also needless to say, the second she put on the second dress – that smile was also genuine.

Want to see the clothing in action? Watch our #FitForEveryBody video below! And now shop – get your own custom fit clothing! Dress the body you have. Have any questions? Drop us a line! We are here to help.

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