The Body Positive Bride

On September 26th, 2015 – I married the love of my life and felt beautiful while doing so. I want to preface this piece by saying – that as a straight sized woman I am very privileged in many ways regarding body image and dress shopping. That being said – I do believe that all human beings have varying and equally valid insecurities and stories involving their bodies and their relationships to them – and I feel that perhaps my story may inspire another person. So I am going to tell it. During my childhood and adolescence, I was very…

You’re invited to the SmartGlamour Self Confidence Class with Legs Malone!

You’re invited to the SmartGlamour Self Confidence Class: Healing Your Relationship With Your Body with Legs Malone Tickets: $20 Class will begin at 7pm, and run until 8:30pm. There will then be an hour for mingling afterward (with wine.) This class is for those who self identify as female. Make sure to purchase tickets at the link above – seating is limited!  Feel free to also RSVP at our Facebook event page. As human beings, our bodies are the playground and sometimes battlefield of our life experience. Often, we hold a lot of history and thoughts within us that in…

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