You’re invited to the SmartGlamour Self Confidence Class:

Healing Your Relationship With Your Body

with Legs Malone

Tickets: $20

Class will begin at 7pm, and run until 8:30pm. There will then be an hour for mingling afterward (with wine.)

This class is for those who self identify as female. Make sure to purchase tickets at the link above – seating is limited!  Feel free to also RSVP at our Facebook event page.

As human beings, our bodies are the playground and sometimes battlefield of our life experience. Often, we hold a lot of history and thoughts within us that in turn hold us back from achieving the highest expression of our good, both onstage and off. 

This workshop, working from the premise that all thought is creative, provides an opportunity to delve into and experientially examine the roots of our relationships with our bodies and work on releasing our blocks to joy, abundance and all life. Topics covered include right action, dialoguing with the Self, partner processes, forgiveness exercises and working with affirmations to counteract negative emotional beliefs and personal lives.

First created for BurlyCon in 2011, Legs has taught this groundbreaking workshop to hundreds of people all over the world including New York, Seattle, Colorado Springs, Vancouver BC (Canada), London (UK) and Bristol (UK).

Legs Malone

Legs Malone, the Girl With The Thirty-Four and a Half Inch Inseam, is a burlesque performer, producer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. Legs got her start through London’s Whoopee Club in 2006 and can be found regularly on stages in her native New York City, across the USA and throughout the world. She is currently the producer of Wolfshine Burlesque in Brooklyn, NY and host of the Lunch With Legs podcast.

Offstage, Legs is a rebirthing breathworker, Wu Tao Dance teacher, bodyworker and reiki practitioner. Legs teaches self-transformation classes tailored for both burlesque dancers and non-dancers alike. She has studied shamanism, astrology, tarot, feng shui and geomancy and continues to learn and study extensively.

With a formal academic training in Art History and Contemporary Art, Legs brings a developed eye towards the aesthetics of theater, performance and entertainment to create humorous and titillating acts for the audience’s pleasure. Her goal is to be a heart-stoppingly excellent performer on every stage and in every country she finds herself in. Vive le spectacle!

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