Dead Sexy October

Sexy is sold everywhere. TV and internet ads tell us that being sexy is important and what sexy looks like, but sexy doesn’t come in just one form. Sexy is whatever makes you feel good, and that might not be what the sold stereotype is. I’m not saying that lingerie and lace aren’t sexy, they’re great; but I think there’s more options of ‘sexy’ than that, and sometimes it’s blood and gore. That’s one of my favorite things about producing Dead Sexy Burlesque, I have a chance to explore my sexy-creepy side. Being ‘sexy’ in societal standards becomes more difficult…

Help SmartGlamour Create our First Collection and Host an Event!

SmartGlamour is the combination of beauty and brains birthed into a clothing line. I believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between fashion, beauty, and style vs. success, intelligence, and talent. I want to break down all of the barriers and reverse the negative stigmas attached with taking care of yourself and putting your best foot forward. I also want to help women feel better about themselves and their bodies. Instead of feeding on women’s insecurities – SmartGlamour nurtures and empowers their confidence and helps women use that confidence to put good back out into the world. Clothes are fun!…

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