Sexy is sold everywhere. TV and internet ads tell us that being sexy is important and what sexy looks like, but sexy doesn’t come in just one form. Sexy is whatever makes you feel good, and that might not be what the sold stereotype is. I’m not saying that lingerie and lace aren’t sexy, they’re great; but I think there’s more options of ‘sexy’ than that, and sometimes it’s blood and gore. That’s one of my favorite things about producing Dead Sexy Burlesque, I have a chance to explore my sexy-creepy side.

Being ‘sexy’ in societal standards becomes more difficult when you’re a zombie ripping your hair off, but a zombie can be sexy by itself if that’s what the performer feels from it. There are very few things that make me feel as beautiful and confident as my marionette makeup, and even fewer things that make me as happy and excited as the final reveals of my self-eating cannibal act; that’s partly because I’m getting to express, explore, and enjoy a part of myself and my interests that doesn’t usually have an outlet in my day to day life. It makes me feel good and strong to exhibit an aspect of my interests that isn’t seen very often. I feel powerful when I hear the audience react in a way that expresses the beauty I am already feeling.

Sexy isn’t just a look, it’s an attitude, a feeling, the actions you take, it can really be anything! Every day in October, we’re listing the 31 sexiest monsters on the Dead Sexy Tumblr and some of our picks might be surprising, but that’s the point. Sexy isn’t a mold, it can be anything!

At Dead Sexy we encourage performers to bring their weird and scary acts and to try out new things, and we encourage the audience to let their inner monsters out too, especially during the audience participation segment. We’re not gonna judge you for your blood lust here, were gonna encourage you to express it in a safe, fun space. We’re going to accept you. We want you to cheer for us when we eat brains, just like you cheer for us when we remove our gloves with our teeth. Dead Sexy is the place where the haunted are hot, the scary are beautiful, and everyone’s sexy is accepted.

Guest Post by Bunny Buxom

Bunny’s weekly Show – Church of Titillation, a body and sex positive show, is being taken over by it’s sister show Dead Sexy – for the month of October! To win a pair of tickets to Dead Sexy, share this story on Facebook or Tumblr and add hashtag #deadsexy in your post so we can see it! You can also share it directly from SmartGlamour’s Facebook!

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