#InYourSize Campaign

“What size are you?” – A question we hear often throughout our lives. “I am a size…” – An answer we often give throughout our lives.   But what does your size actually mean? Are you only one size? Does your size change?   Last year, through #SameSizeDifferentEyes – we showed that no two bodies are exactly the same – even if those bodies are the same “size.” But size issues haven’t gone anywhere – and they most likely won’t for quite some time.   There’s a lot of talk about size inconsistency between brands, size charts not lining up…


#SameSizeDifferentEyes When I was studying fashion design in college – my best friend and I were always amazed that we could share clothing and wear the same size despite our obvious differences in body shape. With 4.5 inches between our heights, and very clear visual disparities in our proportions – it was crazy to us that we could share pairs of jeans (although the lengths would vary greatly) but share we could and did. And now – as a working fashion designer with my own brand and last spring my own pop up shop – I watch and facilitate conversations…

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