“What size are you?” – A question we hear often throughout our lives. “I am a size…” – An answer we often give throughout our lives.
But what does your size actually mean? Are you only one size? Does your size change?
Last year, through #SameSizeDifferentEyes – we showed that no two bodies are exactly the same – even if those bodies are the same “size.” But size issues haven’t gone anywhere – and they most likely won’t for quite some time.
There’s a lot of talk about size inconsistency between brands, size charts not lining up between companies, if clothes fit “true to size” – but not a lot of education behind how and why any of these things come to be. We’ve made an educational video – giving you all the background you could want, but sometimes – a striking image is a bit more powerful.
A size chart is just that – a chart. But bodies don’t come off of conveyor belts in factories. We are not robots – we’re humans – with many more measurements than just bust, waist, and hip. There are well over 300 million people in the US – but there aren’t that many sizes – so it is inevitable that you might end up not fitting squarely on a chart.
But that’s normal! We photographed 60 people – in 12 sizes – but over 2/3rds of them are technically “between sizes.”
With all of the ways a size can be created – and all the of the ways a size can look – why do they matter? It’s time to look at the root of our concerns and insecurities if we are ever to move past them.
Sizes mean fabric and thread – not much else. A size is what you wear – not who you are.Check out the gallery by size below – and our Facebook album for even more photos! 
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