May’s SmartGlamour Women Recap

Check out the ladies of May below! Follow us on Instagram – @smartglamour – for May’s SmartGlamour Women, posted every Sunday! Since our Summer Look Book Shoot was shot on a Sunday – I had to make all of my models the honorary SmartGlamour Women of that week! Stay tuned for our next SG Woman this Sunday.

April’s SmartGlamour Women Recap

As promised – we have started and kept up with our a SmartGlamour Women Project. Each week I find an interesting and inspiring woman out and about in NYC and ask her to be photographed for our blog! This shines a light on the wonderful women of New York City that might otherwise be overlooked. Check out the ladies of April below! Only 3 weeks worth since it was just our beginning! Follow us on Instagram – @smartglamour – for May’s SmartGlamour Women, posted every Sunday!

A New (and ongoing) SmartGlamour Project

I just finished wrapping up two articles to send off to women forward online publications that asked me to guest blog. As per usual, they are about self love, body positivity, embracing yourself, and realizing your inner potential. And as I completed the second – I came up with an idea. Often – being that I live in NYC and am in constant indirect contact with strangers – I see incredible women. Whether it is their clothing, their attitude, or just an interesting feature – I very often see amazing ladies who should be in the spotlight, who could inspire…

Customization Illustrations are Here!

Now it is even easier to shop the multitude of customizations available for each SmartGlamour piece! Check out our customization illustrations before you order to visualize how different sleeve and hem lengths will look. Just click the image below.

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