I just finished wrapping up two articles to send off to women forward online publications that asked me to guest blog. As per usual, they are about self love, body positivity, embracing yourself, and realizing your inner potential. And as I completed the second – I came up with an idea.

Often – being that I live in NYC and am in constant indirect contact with strangers – I see incredible women. Whether it is their clothing, their attitude, or just an interesting feature – I very often see amazing ladies who should be in the spotlight, who could inspire others, but who would never be highlighted in our current society the way it is now. They don’t resemble a celebrity and they may not be a size 0 – or they may be, and are just covered in tattoos – or have green hair. Whatever the case may be – regardless of the fact that the media would overlook them – I can’t seem to keep my eyes off them. I am inspired by the women I see around me – all the time.

And since the media won’t put them in the spotlight – I will.

Starting today – every time I leave my house – when I see an inspiring woman, I am going to approach her – give her my SmartGlamour card, explain who I am and what I do – and ask if I can take a photo. And every week – I will post them here (and Facebook and Instagram). The SmartGlamour Women Project. Not only will this show the amount of incredible diverse women that exist in this fabulous city – but it will also be a large test for me to actually get out of my shell and talk to strangers.

So get ready for The SmartGlamour Women Project – because it starts today.

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