By Percy Castillo

One of my biggest issues as someone who loves fashion is having too many options to choose from in my closet.  Admittedly, that can be pretty overwhelming first thing in the morning. Not only do I have so many pieces of clothing, but so many items I have yet to wear. Or worse, pieces I still hold onto even if they don’t fit me properly because sizing can be inconsistent (however, this is a topic for another time).

If you are someone that struggles with a similar issue and is also looking to sources that are more sustainable and ethically sourced than keep reading because this is for you! SmartGlamour is the perfect choice when thinking to declutter and create a closet full of essentials that are durable, look good throughout every season, and can be customized to make you feel your very best.

SmartGlamour creator and designer Mallorie Dunn comments on the sustainability of a capsule closet using 46 SmartGlamour pieces and creating 59 different looks for the shop’s Instagram page @smart_glamour. She says, “One of the first steps to having a more sustainable closet is to change the way you think as you shop. Ask what else can you wear an item with? Make outfits in your mind. Lessen impulse buys. Participate in trends only when you want to.”

Outerwear pieces from our new collection perfect for a capsule wardrobe! The Sojourner Duster Coat, The Nanny Swing Coat, and The Jones Flannel Shacket.
What does 'Capsule Wardrobe' even mean?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of selected pieces that are essential and never go out of style, but also work for every season! It consists of clothing you love to wear and feel confident in. The key is to create a capsule wardrobe that fits with your lifestyle. It does not need to be the same closet you keep for 20 years from now, but it should prevent you from needing to buy any additional clothing once you decide to make the switch!

Building Your Capsule Wardrobe

Firstly, you need to think about your lifestyle and what you do on a daily basis. Do you need to dress business casual because you work in an office? Are you a university student who’s looking for something comfy, but still stylish?

Secondly, you should ask yourself what are the pieces in your closet that you actually use? Do you own 15 dresses, but manage to only wear leggings every single day? The goal with these questions is to really become aware of what you wear and what you seem to gravitate towards buying. If you find yourself with 4 button downs, but you’re more akin to a t-shirt than perhaps you are in the market to buy a couple more t-shirts that you’re definitely going to wear.

Finally, cleaning the closet out and stocking up on items that speak to who you are, items that fit, and items you will actually wear! Make a pile of things you wear consistently every week, make a pile of closet essentials, and a pile of clothing you make excuses for not wearing or simply don’t fit.

Map out outfits for all that is left over. Before shopping for anything new for your capsule wardrobe look through your keep pile and take note of the colors, fabric types, and styles.

The Laureana Fit and Flare Sweater Dress, $65.00, A SmartGlamour item that would be perfect for a capsule wardrobe. Classic and comfy – a chic fit and flare sweater dress. Throw on and go.
The Amy Wrap Top, $45.00, Another SmartGlamour item recently restyled for the Fall/Winter/Holiday release! With a flattering neckline, and easy faux wrap – this top is a wardrobe staple.
Investing In Quality Over Quantity

After starting a capsule wardrobe you really learn to become an intentional shopper investing in quality over quantity. You also learn so much more about yourself and your preferences. You know what items make you feel like your most authentic self.

SmartGlamour is a perfect store to consider when starting your own capsule wardrobe. With so many color and style options, items custom fit, and sourced ethically — it is a good option for sourcing timeless fashion staples.

We want to encourage you to start building your own capsule wardrobe – check out our SmartGlamour Essentials – pop 3 or more into your cart and use code SGEssential for 15% off!

Carine in our Lucretia Turtleneck Top - a perfect capsule wardrobe building block.
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