Our model of the month of September is here — everyone say hello to Elah! Elah has been apart of the Smart Glamour family for a while and was most recently featured in our most recent shoot for the release of our Fall/Winter/Holiday capsule collection. We asked Elah a few questions about herself — learn more about her below!

Elah wearing The Kazan Cowl Neck Stretch Satin Dress
1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – What do you do?

I am a fundraising consultant by day and burlesque performer by night!

2. How did you get involved with the brand?

I followed the brand on IG when I started learning about body neutrality and fat liberation and when I saw they were holding a casting I decided to try out–that was several years ago now.

Elah beautifully modeling The Kamala High Waist Thong Underwear – Mesh

3. You’ve modeled for us multiple times – What makes you continue to come back?

The environment on the shoots, the accessibility of the brand, and the ethos of what it stands for all feel like things that draw me to SG. It’s a wonderful community and I tell everyone I know to check them out!

Elah modeling The Dumont Oversized Sleep Shirt

4. What does body liberation mean to you?

It means that your body is yours.  There are so many different people/corporations/industries who profit off of people’s self-hatred so for me aiming to have agency over my body just as it is is exactly what body liberation is about for me. Additionally, the entire movement of body positivity was founded by fat Black femmes–in order to achieve body liberation, I personally cannot untie that movement from also doing anti-racist work. 

5. If there is a message you could put across to women, femmes, and non binary folks through your modeling photos – what would that be?

You’re fine just the way you are! Anyone can model and I hope anyone who wants to try, will!

6. What is your advice to people who would like to give modeling a try?

 I like to practice posing by recording videos and moving through poses–almost like a dance! Know the kinds of poses that make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident and that will shine through in your photos.

Elah is wearing The Kazan Cowl Neck Stretch Satin Dress in rose gold peach

Thank you Elah for being apart of the SG family and for your inspiring answers for September’s Model of the Month. Keep an eye out for who’ll be featured in October!

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