We would like to deeply thank all of the contributors to our IndieGoGo campaign!

I know a shout out on our blog was technically a perk – and some of our gracious donors didn’t even claim one – but I can’t leave anyone out! Without you – this wouldn’t be possible – every dollar meant the world to me. The following people (in the order that they donated) are the reason I can live my life doing what I love – and trying to promote body positivity and overall wellness for women!

Stefanie Carrington

Michele Achilli

Eric Walton

Bill Carrington

Anne and John Dunn

Ian Campbell Dunn

Candy Mathers

Tori Wilson

Jen Tullock

Amy Dunn Patz

Sue Carrington

Kelly Govekar

Sahar Pazirandeh

Remy Gierke

Mary Walker

Christina Lakind

Angie Truscinski

Rebecca and Rohndi Archer

Bridget Ori

Justin Roddick

Michelle Albrecht

Katherine Schreiber

Paul and Jen Candela

Marshall Boprey

Meghan McGill

Dale Thomas Krupla

Yasminca Wilson

Charlotte Mirzoeff

Josh Pringle

Jamie Thomas

Elizabeth Hiller

Lizzie Tisch and Kim Kassel

Jennifer Malbuisson

Danny Neff

George Courtsunis

Laure Warren

Melissa and Ashwin Krishna

CityBird c/o Micah Clasper-Torch and Nicole Truscinski

Mike and Kathy Mitchell

Justin and Andrea Miers

Lee’Ann Burgess

Ashton Warren

Allison Duarte

Jordan Roland

Johnna Escobedo

Connie and Marian Betts

Meredith and Wes Hertlein

Karen Cochran

Thelma Mitchell

and Joyce Snyder

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. If you gave me your address to claim a perk – expect it in your mailbox very soon!

Keep following us for updates and an invite to the event! Only 20 days away.


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