How We Really Feel About Fashion Shows

Let me start out this blog post by saying – I love watching a good runway show. I love the fashion, drama, excitement, and music. There’s a feeling of creativity in the air – someone has created something and now it’s on display. As someone who has always loved clothing and accessories – watching a live fashion show will never get old.   But I want to speak on how a SmartGlamour show differs from a typical fashion show in a very important way.   Fashion shows are about clothes – the models hired are merely walking clothes hangers. They…

Confirmed Organizations + Handmade SmartGlamour Bags!

So happy to announce two of our confirmed organizations for the SmartGlamour event! HollaBack! And Dear Kate! Check them out and get yourself pumped to meet the ladies behind these companies (and take home some goodies and information!) on February 22nd. Handmade SmartGlamour totes headed your way if you chose the ‘All in the Bag’ perk from our IndieGoGo! Will also be for sale on our site come Feb 22nd alongside two other body positive, motivational quote totes!

SmartGlamour Designer to cover NYFW!

We are happy and excited to announce that SmartGlamour designer/owner Mallorie Carrington will be hosting back stage New York Fashion Week interviews for fashion news source Fashion One. Some of the designers being interviewed/shows being seen are: children of our town collection, Tia Cibani, Tocca, Costelo Tagliapietra, and Barbara Tfank. More to be announced!

Machine #3!

If you contributed to the SmartGlamour IndieGoGo campaign you helped me buy this machine! And now this machine will help me hem your future SmartGlamour orders.

Thank You from SmartGlamour!

We would like to deeply thank all of the contributors to our IndieGoGo campaign! I know a shout out on our blog was technically a perk – and some of our gracious donors didn’t even claim one – but I can’t leave anyone out! Without you – this wouldn’t be possible – every dollar meant the world to me. The following people (in the order that they donated) are the reason I can live my life doing what I love – and trying to promote body positivity and overall wellness for women! Stefanie Carrington Michele Achilli Eric Walton Bill Carrington Anne…

The SmartGlamour Launch Event is 28 days away!

The SmartGlamour Launch Event is fast approaching. We reached our funding goal, plus some – and planning has already begun! We’ve got the date, venue, and time all locked down – as well as our fabulous models. The SmartGlamour ladies range in size from 2 to 22 and height from 5’4 to 5’11! Keep following us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and sneak peaks! I’m so excited to share this collection with you and try to change the way the fashion industry, and women, see themselves and think about dressing! Thanks for all the support. <33Mal

Help SmartGlamour Create our First Collection and Host an Event!

SmartGlamour is the combination of beauty and brains birthed into a clothing line. I believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between fashion, beauty, and style vs. success, intelligence, and talent. I want to break down all of the barriers and reverse the negative stigmas attached with taking care of yourself and putting your best foot forward. I also want to help women feel better about themselves and their bodies. Instead of feeding on women’s insecurities – SmartGlamour nurtures and empowers their confidence and helps women use that confidence to put good back out into the world. Clothes are fun!…

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