Let me start out this blog post by saying – I love watching a good runway show. I love the fashion, drama, excitement, and music. There’s a feeling of creativity in the air – someone has created something and now it’s on display. As someone who has always loved clothing and accessories – watching a live fashion show will never get old. But I want to speak on how a SmartGlamour show differs from a typical fashion show in a very important way. Fashion shows are about clothes – the models hired are merely walking clothes hangers. They are bodies someone has deemed ideal for demonstrating the look of an outfit. A SmartGlamour fashion show, while displaying clothes, is about women. Having had a few days between my event last Saturday and now – I’ve had time to reflect, feel proud, and most of all – sleep. And to loosely quote a guest from the event once the show had ended, the models had emerged from backstage and joined the guests, and I was able to breathe again – the show left him with a full, happy feeling – due largely in part to how happy and confident the models looked, that they all looked like they were having a great time. In a typical runway show – there is a set look – a set woman every model is supposed to be embodying – set hair, makeup, attitude, even walk. The collection is for one “customer” who is specific – and in my opinion – largely misrepresented. The SmartGlamour customer is every woman. So I wanted the models to represent that. To be themselves. To feel good. To be happy. I tried my best to clothe the models in an outfit they would actually wear – and asked them to do their own hair and makeup in a way they normally would when they wanted to represent their best self. Whether that meant natural, easy, and barely done or full face, faux hair, and exaggerated features – that was up to them. And what resulted was 13 women who felt confident, happy, empowered – and who were hopefully enjoying themselves in the process. I was looking for strong, fierce, confident, in control ladies – but by no means was I looking for expressionless, boredom, or anger. I was looking to inspire happiness. Positivity. The concept behind my brand puts women at the head and in control of the outcome. If you wear women’s clothing – these clothes are for you. I’m not reinventing the wheel as far as fashion – but hopefully I am reinventing it as far as body image, wellness, and the stigmas attached to being a fashionable, well dressed, put together woman. SmartGlamour is about being whoever you want to be – and that includes happy.
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