Model of the Month : Renuka Varigonda

Our Model of the Month for October is Renuka! Renuka has modeled in multiple shoots and shows. Learn more about her below! 1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – what do you do?  Alongside from occasionally modeling for Smart Glamour, I work at a health insurance company as a Clinical Analyst dedicated to helping the well-being of our members through data analysis.  I work on studies aimed at improving the health outcomes of our infant population through the early identification and management of members at-risk for lead exposure, hearing loss, and developmental decay. 2. How did you get involved…


We’ve spoken before on the word “flattering”, how it’s definition has been changed and skewed over time – especially within today’s image obsessed society. But – we should also discuss why this matters. Words can be very powerful – and unfortunately, it is often the negative words from others that stick with us. In our ever increasingly visible world of social media – people’s opinions of us can come from across the globe, and with no responsibility, cloaked behind a username. It can often also be the people close to us – our loved ones – thinking they are “doing…


#MiracleMomBods We live in a society where women’s bodies are obsessed over, objectified, scrutinized. Our bodies are held to an un-achievable (sans 5% of us) standard which forgets the fact that bodies change, grow, and age. We live in a society where #DadBod became an overnight sensation – celebrating men for depicting the average, everyday version of themselves – when that is the last thing we would accept women to be. Where is the celebration for Mom Bods? The bodies that actually have reason to grow and change – as they grew a life inside of them and then gave…

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