We’ve spoken before on the word “flattering”, how it’s definition has been changed and skewed over time – especially within today’s image obsessed society. But – we should also discuss why this matters. Words can be very powerful – and unfortunately, it is often the negative words from others that stick with us.


In our ever increasingly visible world of social media – people’s opinions of us can come from across the globe, and with no responsibility, cloaked behind a username. It can often also be the people close to us – our loved ones – thinking they are “doing us a favor” by giving unsolicited “advice” on our appearance.



Why do we think other people’s appearances are up to us? Who do we think we are – judging, commenting, “advising” on what “flatters” someone? Perhaps – unless you are asked, it is better to keep comments on others’ bodies to yourself.


After all – the actual definition of flattering is “pleasing; gratifying” – and if someone is pleased with themselves – why would you want to screw that up?



I asked women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicity if there was ever a time (or times) when a stranger or loved one concluded they were the expert on their body and presentation – and decided to voice it. Tons upon tons of responses rolled in. I decided to invite some of these women to tell their stories, hand making them the exact kind of garment they were advised against wearing – not just to prove these “experts” wrong – but to show that their bodies are up to them, and them alone. And the only person that matters in the question of whether or not you’re “flattered” – is you.






Head to our Facebook Page to see even more photos of these fabulous women making their own decisions about their presentation, beauty, and happiness. Shop all of their ethically made clothing (in sizes XXS-6X and beyond) right here.



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