The Nannie Swing Coat

Despite a mild entrance into the New Year compared to decades prior, it seems the harsh cold of winter is finally falling upon us. The nip has kicked in and if you’re a Northerner, much like SmartGlamour (which is handmade in NYC), you’re bound to have witnessed the never ending warning of snow on TV. Whether you’re up in Boston collecting gas for the snow blower or down in sunny LA finding the boardwalk extra chilly this time of year, here are the tried and true fashion tips to stay cozy and stylish this February.

1. Invest in a warm, durable coat

It’s tempting to cut costs, but if you can spare the extra cash for warm outerwear, it’s worth the splurge. The key is to find a timeless, but balmy piece that can be worn year after year. Think Audrey Hepburn and her iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s trench coat. Simple and well-made designs in your favorite color or pattern will get far more wear (and warmth) than a cheap coat made to last one season.

It doesn’t have to break that bank. There’s no need to spend hundreds on a coat if a seventy five dollar one is keeping you warm and made to last. Brands that shop and price ethically, such as SmartGlamour, will keep you warm for years to come. The trick is to avoid fast fashion. Their assembly line products are made to be ‘one-and-done’ and aren’t sustainable enough to last through a season without a tear, let allow years.

The Storme Trenchcoat

2. Cardigan

Layers. Layers. Layers. It’s the essential building block to every winter wardrobe. Every outfit should be designed ready to face the brisk outdoors, and than be peeled away piece by piece when the office thermostat is set to eighty-five. This is the dilemma with everything beneath the coat. A winter outfit must be formidable outside and sweat proof inside.

The Indya Flyaway Capelet Cardigan

A basic cozy cardigan is a must have for keeping yourself warm during travel and comfortable once you’ve reached your destination. It’s easy to throw on any outfit and instantly dress it up, transforming your t-shirt into office wear. Plus it’s a great transition piece to keep you toasty between seasons.

The Hallie Button Front Cable Knit Cardigan

3. Leggings

The cold can’t hold a fashionista down. If you love skirts, leggings are the perfect under-piece to still wear your favorite flowy fabric in the dead of winter. Leggings also make an excellent addition underneath pants. They tuck easily into socks insuring no cold air sneaks between you boot and your bottoms. High waist leggings also have the bonus of keeping your tummy warm.

The Harper Pull On Pant

4. At Home Wear

Once you’re done for the day, don’t hang around in your cold outdoor clothes and life-saving layers. Instead opt for a set of house lounge wear. A sweatshirt and joggers will do just fine. They have the benefit of being thicker than most pajamas and are designed to hold in the heat. While you’re away keep your lounge clothes in a warm room in your house or even do a quick spin in the dryer to guarantee it’s toasty when you get home.

The Byers French Terry Hoodie
The Laurel Fuzzy Pullover Sweater
The Mauree Jogger Pant
The Kari Zip Up Hoodie – Sweatshirt Fleece

5. Thick Fabrics

The last tip is to pick your fabrics wisely. Linen is reserved for summer for a reason, while knits, velvet, suede, and flannel sell better in winter. If your looking for a capsule wardrobe, selecting a few pieces in thicker fabrics will enable you to keep less in your closet as you’ll require less layers.

The Nadya Faux Suede Skirt

Bonus Tip

Follow fashion brands on Instagram and Twitter. Often small and local brands will advertise happy customer photos which can give you great tips and tricks for styling pieces in a similar climate to yours.

The Nannie Coat
Mauree Joggers
The Danielle Sweater

If you’ve already shopped with us at SmartGlamour, share your happy customer image via DM or email and receive a 15% off code as a thank you! And if you have any winter fashion tips sound off in the comments below to be featured in a future blog.

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