Our July model of the month is Mikaela Lynn who has been modeling for SmartGlamour since Summer 2014! We asked Mikaela some questions about herself, what she does outside of modeling, and for some advice. Learn about her below.

Confident plus size tall black model with curly short hair wearing red suit and pink satin camisole, ethically made in NYC
Mikaela in our Lina Camisole and Tommy Pants

1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – what do you do?

I’m a Perinatal Care Specialist – I work with folks who are thinking about or trying to get pregnant, are currently pregnant or expecting a baby, are newly postpartum, and/or have struggles with helping their little ones sleep. I’m essentially a non-medical reproductive consultant, advocate, and concierge! I have a network of resources and educational material to help folks navigate all things reproduction and parenting. My focus is specifically from a social justice lens and supporting historically marginalized populations have access to supportive care and advocating for QT BIPOC folks and families. Aside from running my business and trying to change the birth world in my individual business I also run a nonprofit for doulas here in Southern California – Doulas Association of Southern California (DASC) which I joined in 2018 after becoming a doula myself and was elected President a year later. In my free time (insert side eye emoji and sarcasm here) I also work for Lumos Transforms, a new position as of last year that I am LOVING as it gives me an opportunity to also work at a systems level helping educate folks on stress, trauma, and resilience.  

2. How did you get involved with the brand?

I was friends with Mallorie through a mutual friend of ours, and had been following and supporting the evolution of the brand from the beginning! I had volunteered to help with a show and when a model was unable to walk at the last minute I happened to fit in the outfit, so down the runway I went! I also had the opportunity to moderate a talk at the popup shop, and have always loved the atmosphere created at SmartGlamour events – where everyone is not only accepted but welcomed exactly as they are, and celebrated for simply existing.

Mikaela modeling our Judy Dress

3. You’ve modeled for us multiple times – what makes you continue to come back?

The performer in me can’t turn down an opportunity to perform…and I think what Mallorie is doing is so important not only in the fashion industry, but society in general. The idea of having a body and putting clothing on it that you like (rather than what you’re told is acceptable) should be baseline, common sense, and standard — and Mallorie is helping create the societal shift to make that true. Growing up bodies that looked like mine weren’t seen in general, but especially not in fashion, so if I can help someone else feel represented by seeing me then I’ll keep coming back for as long as Mal will let me!

4. What does body liberation mean to you?

Body liberation means existing in a body without constantly thinking about what my body is doing, looking like, and/or being perceived. Body liberation for me is knowing and truly believing that you are worthy of love and respect regardless of what is happening in or to your body and that your worth is not tied to the state of your body — and seeing that reflected back to you by those around you and society at large.

Mikaela modeling our Hedy Dress

5. If there is a message you could put across to women, femmes, and non binary folks through your modeling photos – what would that be?

You are so much more than a body – AND however you choose to decorate yours is correct, valid, and glorious. There is no wrong way to have a body. I hope you find affirmation and joy in the idea of putting some of SG’s clothing on YOUR body and that it helps you feel the most YOU that you can imagine…in whatever way that is from day to day.

6. What is your advice to people who would like to give modeling a try?

Literally just do it! I’d much rather see folks who look like me confidently wear clothing than anything else. Modeling with SG is an exercise in community, joy, and celebration. I’ve literally never seen someone do it ‘wrong’ because there IS NO WRONG WAY TO HAVE A BODY! I love seeing how folks show up and accessorize with hair, makeup(or lack thereof), and shoe choices! Getting to see how folks integrate clothing pieces into their personal fashion style is so much fun, and watching people be celebrated in their choices and for simply existing in public is such an amazing experience! 

Mikaela in our Emily Halter Dress

A big thank you to Mikaela for participating in July’s Model of the Month! 

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