By Katie Sotack

In downtown Brooklyn there sits a small studio behind closed gates, showcasing a back entrance. The address stands loud and proud above the doors, green glass paneling and steal beams holding the structure together. This is where ten models gathered last Saturday to flaunt SmartGlamour‘s Spring 2022 line.

Hand selected by Mallorie Dunn, Lady Z, Celina, Alex, Tia, Shenelle, Nupi, Meredith,  Patricia, Julia, and Amy, strutted the spring line throughout the studio. Giving life to the fabulous clothes. This is a behind the scenes look at SmartGlamour’s Spring 2022 photoshoot.

Inline with both the lively clothes and SmartGlamour’s mission, the shoot was fun, inclusive, and relaxed. With Lizzo and Kacey Musgraves playing softly in the background, Mallorie treated her models like people. There was as much emphasis on the personality that makes them shine as there was on the clothes.

This isn’t standard in the industry, if the cut off faces of models in catalogues is anything to go by. The entire process is so lighthearted, yet professional that SmartGlamour invites it’s audience along for the ride through their social media platforms.

The capsule spring line is made up of three skirts, five dresses, five tops, three jackets, and two bottoms. The outfits were styled based on Instagram polls, in which SG fans voted for their favorite looks, fabric colors, and match ups. Overall consumers had an  inclination for pastels and flowy, yet shapely styles. The original published sketches emphasize bright, bold colors and floral patterns.

Stepping foot into the shoot as a first timer, it’s hard to know what to expect. In plenty Model of the Month blogs, the babes laminate on how taking the first step towards their modelling aspirations was difficult when the industry didn’t reflect the average woman (read: any amount of diversity whatsoever).

A lot of brands treat their models like objects. This mentality is an intimidating feat for babes like Nupi, who graced our set for the first time last weekend. With gentle direction from Mallorie, she was shining like the Polaris star in front of the camera.

Luckily there were many SmartGlamour alumni present on the shoot to guide the way. Some can be found in our Model Directory, like Alex, Shenelle , and Patricia. Meredith has been there since day one (eight years ago) and returned through familial ties with our fearless leader, Mallorie.

Whatever brought these models to SmartGlamour, it’s easy to tell what kept them there. There’s a warm, homey embrace between every participant on set.

The shoots are small, and relatively exclusive to the models, Mallorie, and an assistant or two, but for many of the models it’s a return to friendships. As well as a beautiful area for them to strut their stuff.

The spring shoots are especially fun if you’re anything like me, who views bright colors and fun skirts as the official end to my winter hibernation. The moment the sun begins to shine, I’ll be rocking a one of these looks- no matter the actual temperature- and will pay particular attention to the intricate sleeves Mallorie’s designed this season.

Voluminous, sleeveless, or princess-like, there’s plenty of options to choose from. Like all our garments, alterations are available upon request.

The collection comes out March 7, 2022. Just in time for the warmer weather and spring/summer holidays. You can check out our countdown on Instagram, and set a reminder in your calendar. 

In the meantime, start taking your measurements with our handy guide. Let us know which article of clothing are you most excited to wear out and why in the comments below!

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