As you know, SmartGlamour is a body positive women’s clothing line of customizable fashion basics for sizes XXS-6X and beyond. We have always promoted self acceptance and body love.

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about diversity (or lack there of) in fashion campaigns – so we are presenting this campaign to further prove what we have been saying since day one – All Bodies are Good Bodies. 12 women, 12 sizes – 1 outfit.

Click to check out our newest video campaign:

We have three main goals: to empower women through clothing and help them on a road to body acceptance, to make good quality clothing that is sold at affordable prices, and to cut away at women on women hate that stems from insecurity and the belief that beauty and brains can not go hand in hand.

We believe there are two main reasons for women having such a negative self image (among many others): the misrepresentation of women in the media, and the struggle to find clothes that fit properly that are within our reach.

To combat the first issue – we hire “models” (a mixture of amateur models and women who have never modeled before) of every size, shape, height, weight, age, ethnicity, and experience level. We never edit, photoshop, or airbrush these ladies or the clothes they are wearing. We believe in promoting reality as beautiful!

To combat the second problem – we offer clothing in one of the widest arrays of sizes in the fashion world – XXS-6X, but we don’t stop there. Because every item is customizable – we truly make clothes for any and every one.

A customer at my store just last week asked, “Why did you decide to have your clothing extend to a 6X?”  My answer was simple – because all women deserve access to fashion and clothing. All women deserve to feel beautiful – whatever that means to them. And we are using clothing as the tool to help them get there.


SmartGlamour is about more than clothes.  It’s about celebrating women and their accomplishments.  It’s about body positivity.  It’s about feminism.  That’s why we feature a SmartGlamour Woman of the Week each week.

Now, we’re looking to YOU to find our next one!

To nominate yourself or a friend, simply visit the SmartGlamour Pinterest page and re-pin this contest image from our board onto YOUR board.  In the comments section, name who you’re nominating and link us to their website, blog, social media, etc.  If we pick your nomination, you’ll be entered to win a $25 gift card to SmartGlamour!

IMPORTANT:  You must re-pin this image from our board to be entered!  Happy pinning!

Stay tuned for more exciting news from SmartGlamour!  In the meantime, check out our recent feature in Bustle, swing by the SmartGlamour Pop-Up Shop, or order online.  Keep up with us on social media by following us on Instagram and Twitter, and liking our Facebook page.

For the full All Bodies Are Good Bodies album, click here!





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