As a woman (especially in my early 20’s) I am constantly being bombarded with images of how my body is “supposed” to look and how it is “acceptable” to behave and dress. On the street I get harassed daily by strangers telling me to smile or commenting on my appearance and making sexual remarks. When I don’t respond positively to these catcalls, I get called a “slut” or “bitch” or other terms deemed negative and designed to hurt women.

Through burlesque I control my appearance and sexuality in front of an audience, a luxury I should have every day. It is my choice what I put on my body and my choice when I take something off and show it; and when I do show it, it is met with cheers and applause, not judgement. My sexuality is celebrated and explored, not shamed. There is an exchange of enthusiastic consent between me and the audience; they want to be here, I want to be here, we both want to have a good time and feel good.

Church of Titillation is the embodiment of those values presented in a fun and entertaining evening of neo burlesque! We aim to demonstrate sex positivity, body positivity, enthusiastic consent, and much more to the audience while showcasing some of the best performers in New York. We preach our message from the stage while including the audience in the conversation, as well as multiple audience participation segments. Burlesque is supposed to celebrate the freedom of bodies and people, we’re taking that to the next level by having it be a featured concept in the show, instead of just the underlying idea. It’s a message of fun, and positivity all around, which is clear with our mission statement.

Bunny Buxom

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