Many new SG models get brought in by our current models – suggesting they give it a try. Danni is no different!

An artistic director, choreographer, dancer, and performer – Danni fits right in with our SG model family.

Our March model of the month is Danielle! Who has been modeling with us since 2018.

The Lorraine Faux Wrap Top

1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – what do you do?

My 9-5, pay-the-rent job is as an Administrative Coordinator for the Albert Einstein Cancer Center in the Bronx (Born, raised and still residing!). It’s mostly secretarial work but it’s good to be a part of the quest for curing cancer and helping those who are currently battling it. My real career is as a choreographer and actress with different theater companies, particularly in New Jersey.  Also, I am the Artistic Director of Darknight Productions, a Bronx based theater group that I am happy to say is celebrating 20 years this May! We are small but we have an amazing group of talented actors, dancers, singers and playwrights!  

The Laure Colorblocked Scuba Dress

2. How did you get involved with the brand?

My brother’s fiancee Emily, who had modeled for SmartGlamour, told me about it! She told me about Mallorie Dunn and her amazing brand and how it caters to ALL people of ALL sizes! I have always had problems finding cute clothes in plus sizes that fit all my curves. She took me to the Fall fashion show in 2017 and I fell in love with the outfits but mainly with the variety of models!  Tall, short, thin, thick , all colors, all ages and everyone was BEAUTIFUL!  I auditioned for the Spring 2018 show and I got in!  I was thrilled to have the chance to represent this awesome brand and I have been telling people about SmartGlamour ever since!

The Bouman Top

3. You’ve modeled for us multiple times – what makes you continue to come back?

So many reasons!  Mallorie’s incredible gift for one.  Her ability to create outfits that really fit my curves is amazing! I am such a fan of her style and her heart, which clearly shows in every outfit she designs.  My favorite piece that I modeled is the Nicole Pants.  I wear them all the time. All. The Time!  Never have I had pants that fit me that well!  Another reason is the variety of models. As I said earlier, all sizes, ages, races, colors, everyone is featured! So many people, especially in the plus size community, are made to feel that they don’t deserve to look good but SmartGlamour gives everybody the opportunity to show off their God given beauty. Lastly and most importantly is the camaraderie between the models.  In this industry ( and in most industries unfortunately), we are made to compete with each other, resulting in judgment and disregard for one another. At SmartGlamour, there is NONE of that.  As an older model, it would have been very easy for the other models, who are far younger, to look at me or laugh at me but they encouraged me and made me feel like I belonged there.  We all did it for each other by cheering each other on.  Every session I have been involved in has been such an uplifting experience. 

The Nicole Pants

4. What does body liberation mean to you?

I grew up in the 70’s and 80s where body liberation was not really celebrated like it is now.  I was always a little thick as a child and comments about my weight was always made, especially from my dance teachers.  Also, having a family that pretty much was all women of size, we were taught to dress to hide all the flaws with tight girdles, long dresses, long sleeves, shirts that covered our butts, etc.  I hate to admit that I still buy clothes that hide the “flaws” but modeling with SG allowed me to face some fears.  On 3 occasions, I modeled outfits that were sleeveless. My arms never get shown to the public but here I was about to show them to the world!  I also saw the other models wearing crop tops and short skirts and two piece swimsuits and lingerie! They looked so gorgeous and they had confidence in their bodies. I felt so comfortable and I worked those sleeveless outfits with that same confidence!  I still struggle to appreciate my body but I am happy that people of all sizes are finally being seen and considered beautiful.  We still have a ways to go but progress is progress. When I see dancers who are size 22 and up dancing alongside size 2 people, I am so happy that they are getting the opportunities that I was told I would never have when I was a size 10.  Little do they know, my professional dance career really took off when I was a size 22 and has been going ever since! Body liberation goes beyond size and as I am getting older, my body is changing. There are wrinkles, sagging boobs, booties, stomachs that will never flatten, graying hair ( that dye doesn’t cover really!) Also, we deal with pimples and moles and all kinds of skin issues, thinning hair, gap-toothed smiles, missing limbs, and just so many things that make us all unique and wonderful. I’m happy to see that we can celebrate our bodies with all their magnificent imperfections!

The Beatrix Wrap Top

5. If there is a message you could put across to women, femmes, and non binary folks through your modeling photos – what would that be?

One of my favorite Psalms (139:14) says “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. ”  As a believer in God, I thank Him for making me who I am.  I may have a round stomach, flabby arms, graying hair and an imperfect smile but I was made (and still becoming) special and unique – indeed wonderfully made!  Whether people are believers or not,  I would want anyone to look at my pictures, seeing all of me (“flaws” and all), and realize that they are also wonderfully made and recognize the beauty they hold inside and out.  Nothing or noone should stop anyone from following their dreams as we have all been blessed with so many special attributes.

The Caryn Peacoat

6. What is your advice to people who would like to give modeling a try?

Do it!  If I can model, you can definitely do it. You just have to see the beauty and gifts you have, take a step in faith, and work it! As I should before, nothing should stop you from following your dreams and if you want to be a model, go for it! I’d definitely say give SmartGlamour a shot – you will not only model gorgeous clothes but you will feel the warmth, support, and love that Mallorie and the models all have for each other.  It will be an experience you will want to have over and over again! I can’t wait for the next time! 

The Bloomer Dress

A big thank you to our model of the month, Danni for sharing with us!

Did anything she say resonate with you personally or that you’d like to hear more about? What does it mean to you to see models that look like you? Please share in the comments below to discuss.

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