If you’re an avid follower of the SmartGlamour Instagram, you’ll have had noticed daily polls regarding the Spring 2022 collection. SG creator and designer, Mallorie Dunn, worked hard throughout the winter, taking your opinions, and emerging into the spring with a colorful, glamorous new line. 

You voted and 14 new pieces have been designed with your desires in mind. Every one of these pieces are made to order and can be customized. Ethically made to your specifications, these spring looks are closet staples that help to reduce waste.

In the Spring 2022 collection, there’s a look for everyone. Here are the outfits you should be most excited about based on your aesthetic!

The Spring 2022 Collection

1. The Cottage Core Royalty

In recent years, the cottage core aesthetic has grown exponentially more popular. If you don’t know what that means, the look encapsulates the ‘I’m-having-a-picnic-in-the-sunshine-in-the-19th-century’. Green wheat fields and fluffy clouds coloring a bright blue sky, like a Van Gogh painting.

SmartGlamour has taken this approach to life into consideration with their newest line. If you’re a fan of the simple, flowery, and wholesome the Etta Sweetheart Top and the Dawn A-line Skirt will be your best friends this upcoming season. Throw the Sally Tie Strap Dress into your order for a more relaxed, neutral take on the look.

The bishop sleeves and corset like seams gracing the Etta are the perfect details to take your cottage core royalty look to the next level. Be it the aforementioned picnic in the park or a walk to admire the wild flowers, this is the look for you.

Compliment it with the Dawn skirt, which has the perfect breezy flow from it’s loose fitting A-Line dimensions. The color floral print adds the perfect pop to this light weight, pastel outfit.

For a great alternative, if you like your look a little less show stopping, the Sally Tie Strap Elastic Waist Dress is comfortable, neutral, and a closet essential for the cottage core gal. Much like the Dawn skirt, the dress’ pattern takes center stage. White petal like drips, fluttering  along the black background.

If your taste doesn’t lean towards floral, but you love the style, fear not. All three items are available in additional colors and prints.

2. The Babe Next Door

The key to this relaxed, yet put together look is great, interchangeable pieces and a comfortable fit. Like all of our clothes at SmartGlamour, these outfits can be tailored and customized. This way all you have to worry about is whether this outfits reflect you.

If you’re a grab-and-go kind of babe these looks are for you.

The Grace Tee’s puff sleeves add a simple, yet dynamic flare to any look. It can spice up a crisp pair of denim like the Nicole Pant. Or you can match it as we did with the Nellie Overalls.

The Nellie sports wide legs and a fitted waist so that your look can stay relaxed and still play up your favorite top. The Nellie is a perfect canvas to showcase the Grace Puff Sleeve Tee or even the Melba Tank.

Of course, if you want to play up your relaxed look, the Melba pairs perfectly with the Nahanni Full Circle Skirt and- in cooler weather- the Lucy Cropped Cardigan.

All the items are exceedingly playful with bright colors and fun patterns. It’s the go-to look for our fun loving, creative shoppers.

3. The Business Babe

Getting dressed for work can feel like walking a fine line, between stylish and professional. But workwear doesn’t have to be boring! Of course, you want to feel like you, but you want to be office appropriate as well.

Depending on the dress code for your job, The Henrietta Full Wrap Skirt, Hazel Sleeveless Button Up, and Razia Shift Dress are perfect for the board meeting on warm spring days. Sprint from meeting to meeting in style this spring.

All three pieces feature a decidedly floral print to feature your refined flare. Plus the structure of the knee length skirts and high collars make these spring time outfits perfect for the business babe.

The outfits are available in solids and a variety of colors as well, should floral not suit your office taste.

The Hazel Sleeveless Button Up has the added ability to transition from work-wear to a night out with the simple snap of undoing a button.

4. The Comfort Is Key Darling

If you’re number one selling point on an outfit is comfort, you fall into this category. You love soft fabrics, loose waists, and flowy features. Pieces that are easy to dress up or down in, so long as you still feel as comfort as if you were in PJs.

With light woven fabrics and loose fitting styles, the Susan Palazzo Pant, Norma Circle Crop Top, and Octavia Sack Dress with Waist Tie are the go-to’s for your summer wardrobe.

As with all SmartGlamour products, they’re available in a multitude of different colored fabrics, but are featured in bright colors that play off the comfortable lightheartedness of these looks. It’s like stepping into a fashionable set of leggings; so comfy it’s as if you’re wearing nothing at all!

5. The Sweetheart With Flare

With ultimate twirl-ability and whimsical print options – if you’re a fan of fun patterns and swinging skirts, these items are for you! It’s a fun, bright look that encapsulates the fun of wearing a dress as a kid. Take a spin in these skirts and let ’em flare out!

A name says it all. The Lucille Pleated Dress and the Shonda Swing Dress are made in a skater style that emphasizes the shape of the skirt. Fun, flare, whimsy, available in multiple colors and patterns.

Feel the swish of the fabric as you run, spin, and walk in these effortless pieces. And remember that the Shonda has a matching scrunchie which can be added to your order for the perfect pony!

6. The Forever Cold Bestie

Lest we forget our cold blooded besties, Mallorie designed two lightweight jackets to compliment any outfit in the warmer weather. If you’re constantly feeling a draft in every restaurant or want to enjoy a bonfire in the chilly spring nights, these pieces are the perfect accessory to your outfit.

Affordable, customizable, comfortable, the bell Bomber Jacket and Swann Lightweight Jacket are the perfect warming features.

The Swann is available in a cotton twill for your coziest cuddling this spring. Meanwhile the bell Bomber is a ponte knit fabric for a stretchable and soft feel.

Let us know in the comments which style you relate to and what piece you’re most excited to order!

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