SmartGlamour has always been a strong advocate for accurate representation of bodies in the media. From our collections, to runway shows, to campaigns, we strive to feature people of all shapes, sizes, heights, weights, ages, ethnicity, ability, and identity.

We are all about #FashionForAll – but unlike most brands, when we say All, we truly mean All.

While all human beings are varied in so many different ways – through so many different characteristics – some of these aspects are more visible (such as size, shape, ethnicity) while others are more invisible (such as ability and identity.)

Being an inclusive brand – SmartGlamour has had many trans feminine, gender fluid, and non binary femme models over the past 3 years – but we’ve never felt the need to highlight their identity to anyone. We never want our models to feel as if they are being exploited for their differences.

However – especially in this current political climate – we feel it is our responsibility to highlight those who are marginalized. Additionally – as it is with shapes + sizes – the best way to show a customer that your products are for them, is to show them someone they can relate to, that they resemble, wearing your products.

In an ongoing 2017 theme to prove that #AllMeansAll – we present our first campaign of the new year featuring all trans feminine, gender fluid, and non binary femmes as our models.

Throughout this year we will continue to push our messaging forward, proving that All truly means All; whether that all is demonstrated by gender identity, age, ethnicity, or ability – or a cross section of these characteristics. This is what we have been showing since day one, with our models, but now we’ll be shining and even brighter light on it. And hopefully this light will lead us right through 2017.

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