I am a thin white woman and I am tired of seeing thin white women in every fashion and beauty ad I see. I’m tired of being the only kind of representation for every product image and every look book.

Now imagine if I wasn’t thin and white.

It’s not my place to speak for other people – as I am not them – but if the over represented is tired of it I can only imagine how exhausted the under represented must be. I actually can not grasp what it’s like to look around and see zero accurate representation of yourself. I can try. But I will never truly understand.

When I first started my company – I was in a look book of ours or two. Sometimes because it was an easy way to feature an extra look and sometimes because a model flaked last minute and I needed to show the garment. Either way – I was not entirely comfortable inserting my image into our media. You see enough of tall, thin, white, brunettes – it’s someone else’s turn.

For those who don’t know a lot about thin privilege – here’s a decent definition, “The state of receiving unearned social status, notoriety, workplace and academic merit, attention from prospective dating partners, media attention, and other perks from being perceived as ‘thin.’ Can also encompass greater access to healthcare, likelihood of attaining gainful employ, association with positive traits like being a good parent, person, or lover, and accommodation in public and private transportation…” It’s sometimes stated that since privileges are not earned – thinness can not be one (because everyone works to be thin, duh) – except for the fact that this is false. I do not work to be thin – not even a little – I am genetically thin. I avoid the gym and eat ice cream and wine most nights. But no ones harassing me online for “health concerns.”

I do not show accurate representations of women in my look books and ads because I feel guilty – as I’ve been assumed. I do not feel badly for my body – I celebrate it, cherish it, and work on loving it more everyday. I do not show accurate representations of women because I am brave. It is not – in itself – a brave act to depict accurate diversity.

I show accurate representations of women because I enjoy reality. I show accurate representations of women because I am curious – and I enjoy learning about anything and everything. I show accurate representations of women because I love celebrating our differences. I show accurate representations of women because I want to prove to every company that can’t seem to do it – who say it’s too difficult – who avoids the question – who answers it with a PC, PR non-answer – that it is not hard. That I am one person – and I manage to do it.

I will not speak on behalf of anyone – especially not marginalized groups of which I am not a part. But what I will do – is make room for them. More room than for those who look like me. The majority of American women are a size 14 and above – so the majority of my models are too.

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