Next up in our Model of the Month Series is Marcy Cruz!  Marcy has modeled for two different campaigns and also an accessories photo shoot! Let’s learn a little bit more about her!

1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – what do you do?
I’m a freelance writer and editor. I have a lifestyle blog called Fearlessly Just Me where I talk about plus size fashion, dating, travel and my journey to finding confidence and living fearlessly. I’m also the Blog Editor for PLUS Model Magazine (PMM) and work as a fit model and FirstFit reviewer for Gwynnie Bee.
2. How did you get involved with the brand?
I knew of the brand via PMM where I wrote a few articles featuring past SG campaigns — I just loved the mission of SG. I then saw a casting call on Facebook earlier this year, for models to work on an upcoming campaign called #ImFlattered and decided to submit my information. And the rest is history.
3. You’ve modeled for us multiple times – what makes you continue to come back?
The environment! The women! The brand! Being on set with SmartGlamour feels like being with sisters in a safe environment. Everyone is so positive, supportive and so loving. You feel accepted and so powerful when in a room full of other powerful, beautiful people. I have made lifelong friends on set. I also think about the women we inspire by showing size diversity. Somewhere in the world, there’s someone who sees me and says to herself, “She looks like me and she’s beautiful! If she can wear that, so can I!” That makes it all worth it, putting myself out there and wearing things I never thought I could wear.
4. What does body positivity mean to you?
Body positivity to me means seeing the beauty in ALL bodies and knowing that beauty has no size. Speaking positively about yourself and not criticizing how others live in their own bodies, Body positivity is also promoting body love and self love as you are, flaws and all. No one is perfect but everyone needs a reminder from time to time that they are enough and they are worthy. Because we all are.
5. If there is a message you could put across to other women through your modeling photos – what would that be?
You are beautiful. Own your beauty and power. Know your worth. That in itself will build your confidence and help you with taking baby steps outside your comfort zone in all aspects of life. Try new styles and see what works for you and makes you happy. If I can be confident enough to model where I am showing what I used to call my “flaws” and still be happy and proud, so can you. I now embrace my lumps, bumps and rolls because they are a part of me and my story.
6. What is your advice to other women who would like to give modeling a try?
Do it! If you believe in yourself and what you can do in this world, the sky’s the limit. Change your mindset and you will change your life. All it takes is making that first step. I used to say I could never be a model but I now believe there is space for everyone to realize their purpose in this world. I’m no Ashley Graham and I don’t aspire to be. We are all amazing in our own right. Go for it!
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Instagram: @marcyc19
Twitter: @marcy718
Snapchat: @mcnyc19
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