We’ve had a wonderful 2015 – and before we dive head first into 2016, we have one more Model of the Month to feature for December! Next up in our Model of the Month Series is Stephanie Mallick! Stephanie started with us in the Summer of 2014 and has been a go-to model choice for us every since. Read below to learn more about her!


1. Aside from occasionally modeling for SmartGlamour – what do you do?

Aside from modeling I am an Actress! I love to perform on stage any way I can whether it’s acting, musical theatre, cabaret, or burlesque! I was lucky enough to study theatre of other cultures abroad and perform on the stages of Romania. I am currently a part of Honest Accomplice Theatre where we create shows to stimulate dialogue and change. Our next show will be about The Body! You can also find me taking in the latest Broadway show in the audience or belting it out at a local karaoke spot. I am in the works of creating a body positive YouTube Channel and am training to complete the NYC half marathon for the second time, I love a good challenge. One of my greatest joys is playing Aunt Steph to my niece and 4 nephews.

2. How did you get involved with the brand?

I believe I first responded on social media to a SmartGlamour casting and am so glad I did! Since then I have been in 3 shoots and 2 runway shows and am continually impressed with the professionalism, the innovative fashions, the diversity in models and the overall kickass girl power! Mallorie continues to inspire me with her drive to promote body positivity and I’m so glad I was able to be a small part of that.


3. You’ve modeled for us multiple times – what makes you continue to come back?

I love the message that Smart Glamour brings to the table, Fashion for all and all bodies are good bodies! I am so happy to see a brand celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, walks of life; it’s incredible! It’s always a blast working with Smart Glamour meeting new fabulous women each time and taking home a custom fit cute outfit! What could be better?

4. What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity, to me, means celebrating all bodies: big, small, and all that’s in between. It means loving your own body and all that it can do. Body positivity is saying it’s ok to be me, to be proud & confident in a world telling us not to. The more we love ourselves and each other the more we combat those harsh media messages and beauty standards. I believe that, each day the more we believe it, spread the word, hashtag it, tweet it, we are invoking change! SmartGlamour helps to do that in a big way!


5. If there is a message you could put across to other women through your modeling photos – what would that be?

When I was growing up I never in a million years thought I’d model and struggled with body acceptance. Once I began to own my curves and my beauty by looking up to positive role models in the plus world, I was fearless in pursuit of my dreams. I learned that I didn’t need to change to fit a mold in order to be successful or have people like me. I put my modeling photos out there in the world and received a lot of love and positive feedback from women who now want to model as well. I hope to inspire women to go after anything they truly want in life and not be ashamed of their bodies. I’ve done many shoots in lingerie and swim wear and I feel so empowered doing so; to say I have imperfections – but look how sexy I am! I hope other women will want to own their sexiness after seeing my photos because being sexy is size-less.

6. What is your advice to other women who would like to give modeling a try?

Go for it! Modeling has brought so many amazing people into my life, such overwhelmingly great experiences and a platform to promote confidence in women. The best thing is to follow models who inspire you through social media and see what they are up to then follow blogs, magazines, photographers, fashion companies you love, casting pages, body positive pages etc and before you know it you’ll be making connections and hearing about the latest casting opportunities. I believe there is beauty in everyone and you can achieve all you want with a little motivation and hard work. Love yourself and give it a try it’s never too late to pursue a dream!


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