It’s Fashion Week – as I’m sure you all know – and once again DKNY has used “real” people in their runway presentation.

I’m always taken aback by the coverage of these additions – because firstly – it implies that the actual models are somehow less “real” than the new additions that were so-called “street cast.”

My second problem lies within the fact that these three women pictured above are the proclaimed “real” people. Interesting how they all look like models, are shaped like models, and even have some model-esque photos of themselves lying around on the interwebs.

I’ll give DKNY 1 point for these ladies being of diverse nationalities because goodness knows that is strongly needed in the fashion industry – but that is where my kudos end.

People are still talking about DKNY “street casting” last season – and they will surely be talking about this season until the next. But I am not impressed. Adding three conventionally attractive and thin women into your show does not equate body positivity. It’s actually not even a little bit close.

Some will argue that at least DKNY is opening up a conversation about accepting those who are not 5’11 and a size 0-2 and that any small start is a good start, but by their choice of “real” people – they are simultaneously closing said conversation.

My final issue that I take to heart with this – is that this is actually not solving the root of the problem. DKNY offers up to a US 14. And the average American woman finds herself at a size 14 or above. Does every single designer have to make a full size range? No – I suppose not, you have the right to create what you will. But if you are going to go the extra step to attempt to broaden your standards of beauty (even though I believe the attempt is unsuccessful) – then why not also broaden your size range so that it can accommodate the average consumer?

The fact of the matter is, DKNY, and brands like it (i.e. Chromat – getting tons of applause for adding Denise Bidot, a famous plus size model, into their line up) are getting this praise because they are already famous and making a tiny step in the correct direction.

In reality – every tweet and link I have read today announcing that Denise Bidot was the only plus size model at NYFW – was incorrect. And here is your proof:

You will also note that we have model-sized models as well. And we didn’t add in “real” people for good measure. All of our models are real, because all women are real.

So where’s our news coverage?

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